There are two types of VAT registration in Czech

  • voluntary – company will start selling in Czech
  • backdated –  company already sells goods or services in the Czech Republic and needs to VAT register
eVAT has provided a number of voluntary and retrospective registrations, therefore we can help you out in any case
“e” VAT registration service
  • eVAT informs about VAT registration documents
  • gives Power of attorney for future VAT compliance
  • provides translations of documents

The tax administration has 30 days to process the registration request after it is has been submitted electronically

We provide a service which helps clients to concentrate on their priority, their business, and not the struggle with documents and tax authorities.

Check our blog VAT threshold and get to know if you need to register.

How to proceed?

First of all drop us a note about your future plans in the heart of Europe and we will provide you with detailed information.