VAT registration in the Czech Republic must be submitted electronically. It is necessary to state in the VAT registration form for VAT if the registration is being submitted voluntarily or as required by law.

The difference is explained in the separate section on VAT registration.

Electronic VAT registration must contain certain details.  These include not only the name and seat of the company but also a list of the other VAT numbers in the European Union which are used by the company and dates of VAT registration in other EU member states.  Detailed bank account information (including the currency of the bank account) a reason why VAT registration is required and other similar information must also be furnished.

VAT registration must be submitted electronically.  The registration document must be filled in and submitted on the portal of the Czech Tax Administration.

When submitted electronically, the VAT registration request must contain a scan of additional documents which must be translated into Czech (a legally certified translation is required).

What must be added:

  • An original extract from the Commercial Register
  • Statement on the tax status of the applicant
  • Description of the nature of the business being undertaken in the Czech Republic

Only a person who is responsible to act on behalf of the company can submit the VAT registration. That means that either a director or other designated person can sign the VAT registration and in the future is also able to submit other filings.

All the documents after they are submitted electronically must be submitted as well in the original form to the relevant tax office. It is also helpful to submit together with the original documents a copy of the electronic VAT registration so that the tax administration has no problems identifying the connection between electronic and paper submissions.

The Czech Tax Administration has 30 days to process the VAT registration request. If any information is lacking or there is a mistake or even uncertainty about any details, the tax administration must send an official request for supplementary information.  If that is not answered in a satisfactory way then the VAT registration request can be canceled.

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