We represent our clients at state institutions which are in charge of VAT and also at institutions which require our clients to submit other documents related to their business activity.

Our focus is to provide complex services with emphasis on quick and clear communication, always considering the needs and desires of the client.

100 % Confidentiality

Our goal is to correctly report all the data and keep all the law requirements. In the same time we always keep in mind the wish of our clients and business partners to succeed in the market on the first place. If there are several possibilities for our clients, we consult them first. We do not choose for the client, we offer solutions and discuss them. We maintain confidentiality and order in all the aspects of our work and cooperation.

How would the future cooperation look like in practice:

  1. eVAT would communicate with you as our client. We can set additional email addresses which will be used for our business purpose (more recipients).
  2. eVAT would receive taxable documents and confirm you receiving of the documents.
  3. eVAT would process them and in case of any inaccuracy in the documents, we would consult it first with you before submission.
  4. If requested, we can send you drafts for checking before actual submission.
  5. After submission eVAT informs you if you must pay or if you get a VAT refund. In case of the VAT payment, we will provide a correct bank account and all the relevant payment information.

Don’t know where to start?

We understsand that VAT services can be confusing. Send us a request and we will first consult your current situation and create a plan what to do step by step.