eVAT helps you register for VAT, further we provide VAT compliance and other related services.

VAT registered company can give eVAT a Power of attorney. Afterward we can start VAT compliance.

We check invoices, process and submit all the VAT reports
  • VAT returns
  • EC Sales listing
  • VAT control statement
  • Intrastat

We check purchase and sales invoices. We ensure all your import and export documents are in order. If we find any possible discrepancy we solve it.

Therefore eVAT provides also VAT advice and consultancy service for example such as
  • invoice requirement control
  • VAT audit reviews
  • VAT consulation and treatment of cross border transactions

Consultancy does not consider that you will be making business in the Czech Republic only, but in the whole European Union. Benefit from our advice as we set up EU VAT treatment model.

Newly VAT registered company submits monthly electronic VAT reports in the Czech Republic. Further also EC Sales listing, VAT control statement or Intrastat may have to be reported. You can use Czech Republic as your starting point for business in the European Union.

Are you already VAT registered in EU? Do you need to move your goods to Czech Republic or Slovakia, we can handle VAT compliance in this case as well.

Your VAT compliance will be in good hands.
Contact us and we will provide you with information.