eVAT provides VAT and tax services to companies which are not established in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. We represent our clients when dealing with state institutions responsible for VAT and on behalf of our clients in relations with other institutions which require the filing of documents related to their business activity.

We are fully aware that dealing with these authorities can be time consuming and difficult.  eVAT has been in business for almost 10 years and has experience smoothing out these obstacles for many foreign companies. Thanks to our experience and expertise we are able to provide high quality management of your VAT compliance needs. Our focus is to provide a broad range of services with the emphasis on quick and clear communication which always puts the needs and aims of the client in first place.

MichalMichal Vybiral

Founder and CEO

Michal Vybiral is married and has two wonderful children. He is a professional VAT and tax expert who has been dealing with VAT and tax matters for 15 years. Michal has established eVAT as a company recognized as one of the most reliable and trusted agents for smoothing out tax and other administrative problems when dealing with government departments.