Do you consider your e-commerce expansion? You can sell your goods to clients in Czech and Slovakia. There are about 15 000 000 people living in these two countries all together. Using your e-shop Czech and Slovak clients will be able to buy your goods and products.

Limit for distance sellers

There is no need to be VAT registered in Czech, if you sold goods to Czech clients as a distant seller (e-commerce), if the value does not exceed 1 140 000,- CZK (about 45 000,- Euro) yearly. If you have such a high sales, you should be VAT registered in the time when this limit is exceeded.
Limit for distant seller VAT registration in Slovakia is 35 000,- Euro sales during a calendar year.

e-commerce expansion can be easy with our VAT services
Advantage to VAT register voluntarily

You can VAT register voluntarily because than you may be able to offer a better price to Czech or Slovak clients due to the difference in the VAT rates (your domicile and CZ, SK VAT rates).

How often do we submit VAT reports

After VAT registration you must submit VAT reports monthly. But after a period of time (minimum 13 months of monthly submission), we can change submission period frequency to quarterly. This also minimizes the costs of VAT compliance. Turnover limit in case of this change is about 400.000,- Euro. Quarterly submission of VAT return optimizes VAT payments, which are done on quarterly basis instead of monthly. Czech requires VAT control statements to be submitted monthly even if VAT return is submitted quarterly.

If your sales are less than 400.000,- Euro, quarterly submission of VAT return is possible.
Slovak Republic reporting

VAT return must be submitted on monthly basis in the beginning but after 12 months after the VAT registration, change to quarterly submission can be done, if the turnover was not higher than 100 000,- Euro. VAT payer must submit VAT control statement together with VAT return (monthly or quarterly).

In case you need or that you want to VAT register, we will be very glad to help you. After registration we are able to submit all the VAT reports and optimize submission periods.

Do you want to expand to Czech, Slovakia? Or do you want to make Czech as your starting point for selling to all EU countries? Let us know.