Free of charge we help you decide if VAT registration is needed. Describe us your business activities and we will find solution how to treat VAT. VAT consultation is free and it is based on your business plan, considering your needs and cost effectiveness.

VAT consultation does not consider the needs of trading in the Czech republic only, but in the whole European Union. Benefit from our advise as we set up EU VAT treatment model.

VAT consultation covers these issues
  • VAT registration help
  • Supply chain VAT consultation
  • Cross border transaction VAT managment
  • Checking of invoices
  • Obligation to pay VAT
  • VAT treatment cost reduction
  • Triangular transaction benefits
  • Selling of imported goods and connected VAT policy

Entering a new and different market is a decisive step for a business. It offers fresh opportunities for growth and also to achieve new success.

We helped a number of companies to take such steps with the result that they have expanded successfully.  We are aware that timely help and advice on VAT procedures and filing, can ease the first steps towards expansion.

If you are already VAT registered in EU but need to get an independent advice, please, let us know.
We offer quick, experienced and quality advice.