VAT payments in the Czech Republic

The Czech Tax Administration is responsible for dealing with all VAT payments. The bank account of the tax administration is located at the Czech National Bank.

Payment of VAT must be made at the bank account of the relevant tax office which deals with the tax affairs of the company in question.

Here is a list of the bank accounts solely for VAT payments:

  • Tax Office for Prague  705-77628031/0710
  • Tax Office for the Central Bohemia Region 705-77628111/0710
  • Tax Office for the South Bohemia Region  705-77627231/0710
  • Tax Office for the Pilsen Region 705-77627311/0710
  • Tax Office for the Karlovy Vary Region 705-77629341/0710
  • Tax Office for  the Ústí Region  705-77621411/0710
  • Tax Office for  the Liberec Region  705-77628461/0710
  • Tax Office for the Hradec Králové Region  705-77626511/0710
  • Tax Office for the Pardubice Region  705-77622561/0710
  • Tax Office for  the Vysočina Region  705-67626681/0710
  • Tax Office for the South Moravia Region  705-77628621/0710
  • Tax Office for the Olomouc Region 705-47623811/0710
  • Tax Office for the Moravia Silesia Region 705-77621761/0710
  • Tax Office for the Zlín Region 705-47620661/0710
  • Specialised Tax Office  705-77620021/0710

Here are bank details information to pay VAT – only for comapanies VAT registered and having not seat in Czech:

  • Name of the beneficiary: Finanční úřad pro Moravskoslezský kraj
  • Address of the beneficiary: Na Jízdárně 3162/3, 709 00 Ostrava 9
  • Name and Address of the Bank: Czech national bank, Na Příkopě 28, CZ – 115 03 Praha 1
  • IBAN: CZ0207100007050077621761

The identification code of the VAT payment is always the VAT number of the VAT payer but without the prefix “CZ“.

The Czech Tax Administration does not allow online VAT payments. VAT payments are due according to the deadlines for VAT submissions. See our blog VAT deadlines and penalties.

For other tax payments different prefixes for the bank account numbers are used. For example:

Income tax payments by legal entities – 7704

Income tax payments by entrepreneurs – 721

Road tax – 748

It is also possible to pay taxes in cash at post offices using a special postal cheque.

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